Summer is Here...Is This The Hottest Product of 2016?!

A bunch of us saw the promo video for the inflatable lounge bag (basically an inflatable love seat) and fell in love. Unfortunately, they are always sold out, have been for months, and there is no estimate for when it will be back or for what price. So what is it that is so great?


The inflatable lounge is big enough for laying down or 2 people side by side (love seat size?). It is lightweight, collapsible, and takes almost no time for set up or break down. I do not know the real world reliability, but I can imagine the materials they use being pretty durable if you care for them correctly, just like a tent.

When I first saw this, I almost sprained a finger trying to get to their website to order one. When these things go viral, you can’t get one, kind of like those inflatable T-Rex costumes. Everyone wants one, so the scalpers buy any available just to resell them on ebay for huge markups. Website's say they sold out in days, and I have no doubt. All of their pre-orders through May have sold out, and they aren’t taking new orders right now on most sites!

Luckily I found a website that is carrying them and ships no problem! You can find it here at: 

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